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Meet Investy: developer of blockchain service for crypto investments!

Meet Investy: developer of blockchain service for crypto investments!

Investy will participate in the exhibition area of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta and present capabilities of its own blockchain service for investments in cryptocurrency.

Investy is the world’s first decentralized investments platform aimed at uniting investors and traders in a single place. Company specialists have managed to create not just a service but a trusted community of experienced professionals.

The platform key goal is to minimize investment risks due to blockchain. Job performance of all traders are recorded in blockchain, proving their authenticity and guarantying safety. All transactions pass the Investy special expert system, which prevents any fraud.

Therefore, the platform includes all necessary technological capabilities and all-in-one solutions to comply with such requirements as reliability, transparency and security.

Register to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta and discover more about Investy as well as get acquainted with leading cryptocurrency and blockchain specialists!


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