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I Want Blockchain to Win and Change the World – The Story of Gordon Einstein, Managing Partner at CryptoLaw Partners

I Want Blockchain to Win and Change the World – The Story of Gordon Einstein, Managing Partner at CryptoLaw Partners

He has stepped back from the successful project to dive into blockchain. He has advised more than hundred crypto startups. Now, he is willing to change the world with DLT. He is the Managing Partner at CryptoLaw Partners and blockchain expert – Gordon Einstein.

Gordon Einstein is the law specialist and advisor of blockchain startups. He has become interested in blockchain in 2012 – since then, he has already founded the law firm with the focus on DLT, and has joined the CKR LAW organization as the Blockchain & Crypto Partner.

We have talked with Gordon about his projects, believes about crypto, establishment of CLP and his vision of keys to success.

“I learned about blockchain, got excited and founded CLP”

Back in 2014, I was no longer actively practicing law. Instead, I was focusing on my cloud computing company – AdaptiveSky. I randomly met Pavel Kravchenko and Lilia Vershinina, two of the founders of Distributed Lab, at the 2014 LegalTech convention in New York. By pure chance they were visiting the company in the booth next to where AdaptiveSky was exhibiting. 

We all became friends and they invited me to visit Ukraine, which I did, falling in love with the country in the process. Since that first trip I have been back over 15 times. What I did not know or expect was that all of their friends were involved in crypto and blockchain. Once I learned about this subject, I became so intrigued and excited that I had to return to the practice of law. Shortly thereafter I founded CLP.

“I have a passion for crypto no matter if it’s a trend or not”

I am involved in CLP not just to make money. I am there on a mission to further the crypto and blockchain revolutions by educating both the industry and the regulators – these parties need to work together and both need each other. 

I am very passionate about the subject and not just involved in it because it is trendy. My passion for this area once I wrapped my head around it, was so strong that I had to step back from AdaptiveSky, which is very successful, so that I could focus on this area of law full time. Having a software development background, I also taught myself how to program. I am not the average attorney and I vibe well with technical types. 

I believe beginning lawyers in the blockchain realm should get knowledge about crypto (Mastering Bitcoin book is great for that), learn how to program, look at Satoshi’s writings and code, and see how things are developing. When you read something you don’t understand, don’t shy away. That is a signal to dive in deeply. 

“My company is successful because I really care about blockchain”

Working with Distributed Lab has been a key to CLP success. Also, the public speaking engagements have been very significant for our development. Everyone needs help with securities law, and we are happy to provide clear and usable information. Finally, there are several other projects which CPL is involved in stealth mode, which I will be posting about shortly. These projects WILL change the world. 

In general, my company has one key to success. It is that we truly care and are passionate about crypto and blockchain law. For the company, I have established a mission to change the world by creating new law on a planetary scale. Once you have a vision like that, everything else falls into place. 

“To attract me, projects should be cool – life is too short for boring things”

In terms of general advice or help, I have worked with over 100 blockchain startups. In terms of full-time clients where I am deeply involved, I try to keep that very limited so that I can focus and be of value. 

For me to take on a full project as its “General Counsel,” I evaluate three criteria. First, I should make good money – I now have a family to support and limited time, so I can’t really do pro bono projects anymore. Then, the project should be really cool and should get me intellectually excited – life is too short to do boring things. Finally, the project should strongly advance the state of the art when it comes to crypto and blockchain – I want this industry to win and change the world. 

“Do things which will make you proud if they become known”

I believe that for the company to be successful, it is important to always tell the truth and never lie. This is a good rule in life, but it is also a mandatory rule when it comes to raising money and working with securities law. 

Also, to achieve success, document all of your legal relationships. This means, have clear written documents with investors, founders, contractors, coders, etc. This is a great way to manage expectations and not be ambushed later by unpleasant legal issues. What is the most important –remember that we have an opportunity to create something amazing for the world and humanity with crypto and blockchain. 

So, always act like “God is watching” and only do things you would be proud of if they became public knowledge. Especially for those of us who are public figures, we need to always act ethnically and with vision so that crypto and blockchain can fully succeed.

Gordon Einstein will be a speaker at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta – use an opportunity to meet him at the event!

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