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“I take responsibilities for failure and I am happy to share success” - The Story of Stefano Virgilli, CEO at

“I take responsibilities for failure and I am happy to share success” - The Story of Stefano Virgilli, CEO at

He has become entrepreneur as a teenager. He has written a series of articles for Medium. He predicts DLT and crypto trends, and consistently shares innovations with big audiences delivering TED talks. He is the CEO at ICO advisory and the trusted blockchain expert – Stefano Virgilli.

We have talked with Stefano about his entrepreneurship experience, personal business traits, and his views on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

“I became entrepreneur as a teenager” 

My journey into entrepreneurship started at the young age of 16. My employment experience is very limited in comparison to entrepreneurship. I am detailed oriented person and I like to have everything under control. So when it comes to business, I find working "for a boss" quite frustrating. 

“I am ready to answer for mistakes”

People who have worked with me know that I take responsibilities for failure and I am happy to share success. The best position to do so is to be the founder of an idea and my own boss.
Once, however, I was working as Chief Marketing Officer and Strategy Advisor for a Russian startup. I was tasked to look into an ICO as a fundraising option. I thought that with my marketing experience I would have cracked the nut in a couple of days, finding out the perfect marketing strategy for an ICO. 

“ICO reminds filmmaking”

The more I looked into ICOs, the more I could not detect any pattern. It then suddenly struck me, that the ICO is more like making a movie than raising funds. As much as a community builds around a brand, say for example Transformer, and enthusiasts buy stickers and gadgets to showcase their sense of belonging. 
Now, at, we have a quite diversified portfolio of ICO customers. Currently, we have clients in healthcare, B2B, communications, intellectual property, crypto exchange, artificial intelligence and IoT. We help them communicating efficiently, especially in Southeast Asia, as well as connecting with the right investors.

“I look at blockchain and cryptocurrency differently”

In general, my views on blockchain and cryptocurrency are quite unique and unconventional to say the least. In an ecosystem where things change fast, many jumped on for the quick bucks. I pride myself for having been able to predict the trends both in DLT and cryptocurrency for the past year or so. One of my Medium articles called "ICOllywood" has been presented as a speech in at least 15 conferences including my latest TEDx.

“To bring innovations to audience, you must communicate”

As for speaking in public, I have been doing it for nearly 3 decades, hence I mastered stage fright at least 20 years ago. When I go on stage, I want to deliver controversy and entertainment at the same time. I want the audience to leave with different type of reactions. Often, with those who "get it", I carry in long meaningful conversation and sometimes even working together. I am usually told that my talks, whether someone agree or disagree with the content, are the most entertaining and those that deliver the most food for thoughts. Communication plays a huge role in bringing innovation to a large audience.

Stefano Virgilli will be a speaker at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta – don’t miss a chance to meet him at the event!

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