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Global Investor Karim Babay: How to Attract Investment as A Blockchain Startup

Global Investor Karim Babay: How to Attract Investment as A Blockchain Startup

Blockchain is utilized by many emerging companies and startups. They offer innovative applications of the technology and provide new ideas for its improvement, however, not all companies get capital for their development. 

What is important to keep in mind to attract capital and how do investors evaluate startups?

President at Intrinsic Value Investment Partners Karim Babay will answer the questions at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta. He will open the event with the presentation “How Venture Investors evaluate Blockchain Startups’ ICOs and The Value of Their Tokens Years Later.” 

Karim Babay is the global investor and entrepreneur with 18 years of experience. He is the expert in credit and equity capital structure, angel investing and securities investing. For now, Babay has been investing into crypto for already four years.

Currently, the specialist is the President at the Intrinsic Value Investment Partners – NY-based global investment management firm, with almost 50-year-experience and the focus on risk management and capital preservation. 

Moreover, the investor also has the position of Chairman & CEO of HealthSapiens – DLT-based healthcare ecosystem. The organization aims at providing a convenient and affordable medical treatment anytime and from anywhere.

Apart from that, the speaker had worked at Lehman Brothers' Mergers and Acquisition department as the capital structure trainer and credit analyst, and at Foxhill Capital as a partner and member of the investment committee. 

The opening of the conference by Karim Babay will be followed by the pitch session. Startups will present their ideas to investors – the most successful and promising ones will get capital for their development.

Don’t miss a chance to meet with the global investor Karim Babay at the conference and learn more about projects’ evaluation at the conference!

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