GDAX Exchange is going to join resources supporting Bitcoin Cash

GDAX Exchange is going to join resources supporting Bitcoin Cash

The GDAX exchange has informed that in 2018 it will start supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCC or BCH). Earlier, it was stated that this altcoin would not be traded.

The American Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) is a division of Coinbase. It carries out cryptocurrency operations since 2005. Before August 1, the exchange took an unambiguous position, which was voiced in its statement: it will not support the new Bitcoin Cash (BCC) token. Therefore, it will not appear in the accounts of customers having bitcoins, while clients of the resources supporting BCH receive it for free.

The information was announced in advance, and all the exchange clients could transfer their bitcoins to other exchanges and purses. But after August 1, the exchange management faced a wave of customer discontent. So that, GDAX changed its decision regarding BCH: it has published a statement that Bitcoin Cash support is being prepared and all tokens will be deposited on customer accounts. Trades with BCH will also be launched.

Integration of the new coin is scheduled for January 1, 2018 with the proviso of the administration: “... if during this time there will be no additional risks associated with the BCH.” Four month waiting period causes a new wave of discontent of users who are convinced that GDAX withholds their cryptocurrency.

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