From Ireland to Singapore: Malta conference to bring together experts from 10 countries

From Ireland to Singapore: Malta conference to bring together experts from 10 countries

The second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta will take place on October 23 in the ancient city of Mellieha. According to its organizers, the international event company Smile-Expo, the conference will involve 28 blockchain experts from 10 countries, who will make presentations and be moderators and participants of the panel discussion.    

Ireland, China, Switzerland, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain – here is the list of countries represented by foreign speakers. Let’s talk briefly about experts from each country and issues they are ready to share with participants of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta.    

Ireland: Patrick O’Brien. Communications Director at Exante, a major broker operating with cryptocurrencies as well. Patrick is the author of op-eds in The Times of Malta and The Mail and Money Magazine. Besides, he holds the honorary title of Journalist of the year. 

China: Chuck Fleming, emeritus professor at University of Liverpool, co-founder of Nocturus Corporation. The startup is developing a blockchain-based analogue service to At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta, Chuck and other experts will discuss blockchain application areas.   

Switzerland: Europe’s major financial state will be represented by Peter Mitchell and Chris Murrer. They are expert attorneys and partners at Baker & McKenzie Zurich with a long-standing experience in the international right. The speakers will discuss legal and legislative regulation of blockchain.   

The USA: John Hargrave, СЕО at Media Shower. It is a media platform for blockchain projects and ICOs. The expert is known by his own publications in Bitcoin Market Journal and presentations at numerous events dedicated to blockchain and online media.   

The UK: Ismail Malik, blockchain enthusiast and CEO at BlockchainLab. The company develops decentralized technology solutions and consults firms desiring to join this sector. Ismail Malik is the author of publications about blockchain and head of the ICO CROWD media project.   
Singapore: Stefano Virgilli, СЕО at VOX. The company acts as an advisor to ICOs, employing innovative approaches to campaign launching. The speaker is known as a business mentor, innovation evangelist, and author of a book about marketing.       

Germany: Kambiz Djafari. CEO at Edgecoin, a blockchain platform for buying and selling remote learning services. The expert has nine years of experience in online marketing, media, and telecommunications. At the conference, the speaker will tell the audience about the concept of education on blockchain.    

Hong Kong: Juergen Hoebarth, CEO of Haexagon Concepts. The company focuses on digital marketing and content. Moreover, Juergen Hoebarth is the head of the project called ‘Student of Decentralization and Tokenization Economics’ (blockchain consultations and education).   

Spain: Daniil Girdea, founder of Arcona Digital Land, a blockchain project merging together real and virtual worlds: a new world is created based on the real one using augmented reality technologies. At the conference, the speaker will be involved in the discussion about the blockchain application in the IoT (Internet of Things) sector.   
Apart from foreign guests, the conference will engage 12 speakers from Malta: CEOs of blockchain companies, lawyers, as well as blockchain and ICO advisors. 

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