Blockchain platform CREDITS is exhibitor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

Blockchain platform CREDITS is exhibitor of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta

On December 7, as part of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta exhibition area, the CREDITS team will present the possibilities of its blockchain project.

More and more representatives of the financial industry are using blockchain technology. However, it is difficult to find a platform that can fully solve the issues associated with the speed of payment transactions, total bandwidth of the network and cost of transactions. Featuring a new technical implementation of blockchain, fundamentally new principles for transaction processing, consensus seeking and data storage, CREDITS platform will be able to support the fintech projects successfully.

CREDITS service extends the prospects of financial services on the basis of a distributed registry, self-executing smart contracts and its own cryptocurrency (CS). The platform helps users to develop financial services using built-in transaction processing speed, which is up to 1 000 000 per second. The average processing time for each transaction is 3 seconds, and its cost is about 0.01%.

CREDITS specialists developed MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and confirmed the technical feasibility of implementation by the blockchain industry experts. And thanks to the fact that the system applies p2p principles, it unites all participants in one place, providing a platform where everyone can offer a service and use it.

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