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Blockchain in Military: How Can the Technology Make Armed Forces Stronger?

Blockchain in Military: How Can the Technology Make Armed Forces Stronger?

The level of security provided by the blockchain technology attracts many industries – blockchain keeps being implemented in various spheres. Military is not an exception, and the opportunities offered by DLT can benefit the work of governments’ armed forces.

How can Blockchain be used in military?

The technologies of smart contracts and decentralization can bring advantages to different military operations and are used for various purposes.

Military Drones

The US Department of Defense is conducting the military drone programme – Project Maven – with the use of Google’s AI and machine learning. The aim of the project – to quickly analyse drone footage.

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The combination of DLT and AI offers numerous possibilities for armed forces – independent autonomous drones, fast data collection and its immutable recording on blockchain. DLT helps to record drone’s flights and actions, and, what is the most important – it stores all collected information even after the drone’s destruction.

Decentralized Ships’ Control

Decentralized system for ships can greatly benefit the battles. Weapons installed in ships have special control systems in order to work effectively. Most of the countries utilize the popular system – Aegis Combat System. 

Aegis includes many radars and powerful computers which help to make decisions during battles – for instance, determine the directions to fire. The most important disadvantage of such a system, however, its centralized nature. If the system is taken down, the ship is destroyed as well. 

DLT-based systems in this case will not let the ship being taken down due to the distributed storage of information. With blockchain, the system control weapons and neutralize threats.
Defence supplier Lockheed Martin has already made a try in creating the DLT-based supply chain risk management system and has become the first defence contractor to integrate DLT.

DLT and 3D-Printing

Using 3D-printers, governments’ armed forces create weapons and various vehicles. To make the process even more efficient, the US Navy has implemented DLT into all operations connected with additive manufacturing.

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This way, the Navy gets the ability to indefinitely and securely store and reference data, easily identify the mistakes in printing process and make production process go forward in the scalable way. Sharing data during the whole 3D-printing process is easy with DLT as well.

Cyberwars – how DLT can secure military networks

DLT potential enables secure communication which is the priority for all military organizations. For instance, the Pentagon has started exploring blockchain as a way to prevent threats to the country’s national security.

In this case, the DLT is useful for protection of military communications and purchases by preventing hackers and terrorists from attacking military networks, including connected vehicles, aircraft and satellites.

The article in Medium suggests that the WWIII will be a cyberwar, as it is cheap and easy to conduct without making a victim know about the attackers. Cyberwars are dangerous as the damage is huge, especially economically. The most effective way to help nations prepare the defence is blockchain with its decentralized possibilities.

DLT Applications by US Armed Forces

Since 2016, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US Department of Defense (DoD) is dealing with the secure messaging app for the US military.
The system may work as a means of communication between offices of DoD and information transmission with Pentagon. Hack-resistant messaging platform can help with secure communication with troops as well.

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Blockchain can find numerous applications within the military sphere. Its integration into the work of armed forces can help with security improvements and the increase of effectivity. 
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