Bitcoin casino development: will the innovation pay off quickly?

Bitcoin casino development: will the innovation pay off quickly?

The blockchain and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are the technologies of the future, which haven’t yet showed their full potential. However, in the field of online games and gambling, they are already successfully applied and bring their owners profit. Online casinos with payments in cryptocurrency have two important advantages over traditional platforms – no commissions for transactions and anonymity. If the first factor helps you save, the second will attract more users to the resource. Compared to the benefits of transition to cryptocurrency, the costs of integration the "crypt" into casino seem insignificant. The faster you think about modernization, the more you earn and the higher are your chances to do it faster than competitors.

So what do you need to know for the competent introduction of cryptocurrency into gambling? Let's talk about the features and consider popular software developers.

Why particular bitcoin?

With the invention of blockchain technology, many cryptocurrencies have appeared: now there are more than 1000 "digital coins" in the world, which cost from a few cents to several hundred dollars. But bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency and the first notable blockchain-based project, remains the leader both in price and in capitalization.

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There are solutions for gambling, which use altcoins (Dash, Monero, Zcash or own coins). Developers choose this currency because of its technical characteristics: faster transactions, payment tracking protection. But bitcoin is a reliable and steadily growing digital asset. It is already in use: on some sites, it is possible to make purchases and pay for services with bitcoins without spending time and money on transfers to fiat money. Therefore, bitcoin casino software will not only be more convenient for you, but also more attractive for users.

Options of bitcoin-casino

They call cryptocurrency a revolutionary invention, comparable to the development of the Internet. Time will tell whether it will change our life as drastically as the World Wide Web. But cryptocurrency-based casinos are clearly superior to traditional services in many respects, and it can rightly be considered a new generation of gambling resources.

Advantages of bitcoin-based online casino:

  1. Personal data protection. Online casino players may not disclose their names, birth dates and credit card numbers; they only need nickname and cryptocurrency wallet number for the game. For those who value their confidentiality, this is an important aspect when choosing a resource.
  2. No regulation. Cryptocurrency is not beholden to anybody: the tax service or the police will not be able to determine the amount spent by a player in the bitcoin casino.
  3. You can play in any country in the world. Even if the player is located where gambling is forbidden by law, he can bet in bitcoin casino. Regulators will not be able to either track the transaction or require closure of the site.
  4. No payment for transactions. Calculations in bitcoins are made with no middlemen involved, so they are free.
  5. You can start with a small bet. One bitcoin = 100 million satoshi, which means that a player can start with a bet equal to ten thousandth of a dollar.

Online platforms today are in a tough market struggle.

Transition to cryptocurrency payments can be your competitive advantage and help not only to stay in your niche, but also to attract new users.

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Leading developers

Several companies work in the field of bitcoin casino development. Here are industry leaders.

  • Slotegrator: company’s experts offer the development and integration of blockchain-based solutions both from scratch and for already operating online casinos.
  • CASEXE: custom-made solutions using high-tech software for virtual casinos, including services for bitcoin payments.
  • Chetu: specialized solutions for online casinos: development, implementation, training.

Integration bitcoin into a casino can significantly depend on the service provider. Therefore, when searching for a developer, state your request clearly and compare offers from several companies.



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