Best cryptocurrency wallets: top 5 services

Best cryptocurrency wallets: top 5 services

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular all over the world, the interested in them is growing, and not only on the part of investors, but also on that of regular users. However, all of them face the same question: how to store cryptocurrencies? A cryptocurrency wallet is an individual thing for everyone, because everyone has a different set of requirements and wishes. Some users store funds directly on stock exchanges, however it is rather risky – too much depends on the exchange management, and there is a possibility to lose their savings at once, as it was, for example, with btc-e.

So how to choose the best wallet for cryptocurrency? We offer cryptocurrency wallets 2018 – top 5 services.


Jaxx is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, operating on all major platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android and Linux. Jaxx has a built-in ShapeShift client, a popular exchanger in the crypto community, which allows users to transfer tokens from one cryptocurrency into another right inside the wallet: no token withdrawals, third-party resources, or other additional actions.

The blockchain is stored on the Jaxx server, but the access keys to the wallet are stored only on the user's device. In case of problems with the servers, users can use the same keys in other wallets and still get their money. Jaxx online cryptocurrency wallet supports 15 different tokens.


Exodus is the best wallet for cryptocurrency according to most of the crypto community representatives. As well as Jaxx, Exodus supports all the most popular platforms and basically appeared earlier. The function of integration with ShapeShift in Exodus is also available, and appeared earlier than in Jaxx. The access keys are stored on the user's computer, and the wallet is created simultaneously with the first launch of the program. After the first money transfer, users can create a phrase to restore a backup copy of their wallet.

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Exodus supports 10 cryptocurrencies and, among other things, offers every user the ability to track the statistics of exchange rate changes of the coins stored in the wallet.


Mycelium is an online cryptocurrency wallet, operating on smartphones. As for the functionality, it is similar to its PC analogs. Transaction data is also stored exactly on the central server of Mycelium, personal access keys – only on the user's device and do not synchronize with anything.

Among the main advantages of Mycelium are integration with a number of services, such as Ledger, Coinapult, Cashila, Trezor and Glidera. Disadvantage of Mycelium is that it supports BTC only, it is just a bitcoin wallet.


Trezor belongs to hardware wallets: it is connected directly to the user's computer only when it is necessary to make a transaction, at the rest of the time it is disabled and therefore is maximally protected from attacks. All keys are also stored on the Trezor device and are not transferred anywhere. The interaction of the wallet and computer is carried out through the Chromium browser extension.

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Trezor supports 6 different tokens, but it also has a drawback: in order to make a transaction, it is necessary to store the whole chain of blocks.


Keepkey is another hardware wallet for cryptocurrency. It connects to PC via USB and works in open source code. Keepkey is a multi-wallet for cryptocurrencies that works with 5 different tokens on all the most popular platforms, including Android. The access keys are stored on the device, the blockchain is kept on the Keepkey server.

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