5 ways to get bitcoin for free

5 ways to get bitcoin for free

Bitcoin attracts interest of many users and each of them finds an advantage in this cryptocurrency: decentralization, anonymity, independence from state regulators. In most cases, you must invest your own funds to get bitcoin. But that’s not always the case.

It is possible to get cryptocurrency for free. Of course, this is not an option to get rich real fast or the most efficient way spend your time. However, if you still want to earn some bitcoins without any investments, you can use these proven techniques.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are special sites where bitcoins are given out for free. In crypto community, this is considered to be the easiest way to get some cryptocurrency for free.

These sites have hundreds of different ads and tasks that have to be performed. After doing so, the user will receive satoshi on their bitcoin wallet. To have access to free bitcoins, you need to enter the captcha and confirm that all actions are done by a person, not a bot.

Bitcoin faucets accumulate funds on the user account for a certain time. After that, they are transferred to the bitcoin wallet.

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The advantage of this method is that a person does not need to be directly involved in the process of mining the cryptocurrency. In this case, the computer does all the work. The miner must have Internet access on his computer and install special drivers.

Important factors to consider when mining:

  • Bitcoin rate. With a sharp decrease in the price of bitcoin, the potential income will decrease as well. But, as it usually happens, after the rate falls, its growth follows and mining this digital currency becomes profitable.
  • Current situation on the cryptocurrency market. It is necessary to monitor the activity of the bitcoin community and analyze various trading strategies.

Bitcoin surf

This method is also well proven. Bitcoin surfing is when a person views advertising websites and gets satoshi for it.

To get started, you have to register on the selected site: give your e-mail, cryptocurrency wallet details, login and a password. The user must perform following actions:

  1. view advertisements and videos;
  2. do the tests;
  3. leave comments;
  4. read letters or messages.

After the user completes all tasks, the system automatically transfers funds to his wallet.


Cryptocurrency exchanges have periods when bitcoin is actively purchased or sold. That is when you can earn some serious money. You have to catch the moment when the price is down, buy it and then sell it during a steep rate increase. However, it is important to have some crypto trading skills here.

Monitoring such fluctuations in bitcoin price is also real. Both paid and free tools are used for this. One of the free ones is bitcoinwisdom.com, which is among the most popular sites.

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Bitcoin games

There are also games which help you get bitcoins. They are not that many, since most of these entertainments are free. However, if you look really well, you can find a few good options. The user just has to play and level up. And the virtual funds earned in the process of the game can then be withdrawn to the bitcoin wallet.

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